Are Perfume Testers Original?

    Yes! Perfume testers are 100% legitimate and original perfumes.

      Testers are much cheaper due to less fancy packagings. You get the same “juice” at much cheaper prices. As long as you understand what you are getting from fragrance testers.

        In this article, we are going to cover all the things you need to know about fragrance testers. We also talked about what differences there are and why you should buy perfume testers.

          If you want to buy genuine tester colognes for as cheap as 50% off, keep reading.

            What Are Perfume Testers?

              Perfume testers are new, authentic, and original fragrances.

              Perfume testers are for testing purposes.

              Manufacturers make standard perfumes for retail. They also make the same perfume and mark some of them as “testers”. Fragrance testers are for stores to display on shelves and encourage customers to test them.

                • Testers are brand-new products.
                • Perfume testers are original authentic perfumes.
                • Testers have the exact same content as normal retail fragrances do.

                Perfume testers come with authentic fragrances as standard brand-new ones do. Fragrance testers usually come with plain boxes and usually no caps.

                Due to the lower costs of packaging, perfume testers are almost always cheaper than full-priced retail fragrances.

                  Are Perfume Testers Authentic?

                    Yes, perfume testers are 100% authentic.

                    Perfume manufacturers make fragrances for retail stores. The same manufacturers also make tester bottles in simpler packagings. By cutting costs on the packaging, they can offer retail stores at lower prices. The stores could encourage their customers to sample and test perfumes more.

                      On the other hand, manufacturers usually make too many products. Manufacturers make too many perfume testers as well. Brands offer fragrance testers to retailers for testing purposes. When there are too many fragrance testers, many of those end up being sold at discount stores.

                        Fragrance testers are NOT bottles that have been tested.

                        They are authentic products from the same manufacturer for testing purposes.

                          Why Are Perfumes Labeled as Testers?

                            Perfume testers often have different labels so people could tell the differences. Otherwise, they would all be the same.

                            Fragrance testers are not for selling purposes. They are for customers to smell and “test”. Cologne testers don’t have original packagings so the costs are lower. In order for the stores to tell the fragrance testers from retail bottles, some of the perfumes are labeled as testers.